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Marine & Offshore

Break down silos with digitalization to unleash a new wave of collaboration.

In today’s highly competitive Marine & Offshore industry, staying profitable means big changes. There is a clear need to rethink processes, to be smart and connected at all levels of the value creation chain. Marine & Offshore is ready to embrace digital transformation to achieve new efficiencies. A business platform that provides end-to-end continuity from ideation to ship in service is essential. One that integrates design, engineering, simulation, manufacturing and business processes in a single collaborative environment.

Addressing the business challenges of the Marine & Offshore Industry

Safer, cleaner, greener ships and offshore structures, as well as new sources of energy, require a whole new way of thinking. Discover the major business trends that are driving Marine & Offshore companies to transform.

Uncertain and Competitive Business Environment

Adapt with agility, revamp processes, and unlock efficiencies. Build competitive advantage and drive profitability.

New Market Needs

Anticipate, innovate, reinvent. Stay on top of market transformations and emerging technologies with new products, new…

Increasing Sophistication

Manage complexity and mitigate risks with confidence. Take advantage of systems engineering and promote cross-discipline…

Growing Social and Environmental Concerns

Improve public image. Meet society’s rising expectations with personal, meaningful, engaging experiences for customers,…

Distributed and Concurrent Environment

Manage extensive network of globally dispersed multi-disciplinary teams and suppliers for greater efficiency

Changing Regulations

Streamline regulatory compliance. Manage the impacts of evolving safety and environmental regulations on how ships and…