Cybersport covers the entire large audience of the planet Earth.  How complicated is e-sports in forecasting when betting on esports with real money ? - Cybersport in forecasting is not much different from other sports. It is necessary to take into account the current form of the teams, it is desirable to know all the latest news about the teams, as it happens that there is news in social networks that the team is not training at the moment, but which qualifications play. In CS.Go, it is worth considering the cards that teams play and how they approach each other, and in Dota you need to build on the current game patch. What heroes are now stronger and who plays what. I also look at the odds as in football. If I consider that the coefficient is undervalued, I will not make a bet. Maybe a little harder for me than football.

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Make Sure Your Team is Well Understanding the FEATURES of OCLA 2019

First Offshore Event in Argentina:

The only one commercial c-level event in Argentina organized to focus on offshore E&P programs after its offshore auctions in 2019.

Entire Supply Chain:

OCLA 2019 is involving the entire supply chain of offshore E&P industry. Different parts of vendor companies will be invited to join the event.

4 Countries Involved:

OCLA 2019 is mainly focusing on Argentina offshore development. As well, operators from Mexico, Brazil and Uruguay will also join this panel.

200 Industry Delegates:

OCLA 2019 will invite 200+ offshore industry stakeholders to participate the two days’ conference. It will create lots of opportunities for attendees in the close door event.

25+ Keynote Presentations:

There will be more than 25 presentations addressed by governments, oil operators, EPC contractors, drilling contractors, subsea contractors etc.

10 Standard Booths:

OCLA 2019 will allocate 10 booths for vendor companies to showcase your products and latest advanced technologies during the two days’ event.

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